Refund Policy

Cancellation / Refund Policy
In our quest to provide our clients with the best quality and experience, we have established a cancellation and refund policy:
  • Projects start with a ‘Service Document’ that states the project understanding and details that both we and our clients have of the work - required to eliminate any project disputes, cancellations or reversals.
  • Service Page has an option of ‘Check Out’ after the payment is made. Once the buyer or client checks the ‘I accept Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions’ option and clicks on the ‘Check Out’ page the order is confirmed. No kind of refunds will be issued by 99Servicez after this stage. 99Services does not compel the buyer at any stage to click on the ‘Check Out’ option hereby making it clear that the ‘Check Out’ option for availing any product or service in the website is solely the will of the buyer or client.
  • If a project is terminated on mutual basis, the client has control of all completed work and any payment for further development will become void. There will be no refund of previous payment or deposit.
  • There are offers made on special occasions such as limited time offers with no cancellations policy.
  • There are no refunds for hourly or support agreements. If there is any unused time in the hourly or support agreement, they will be used for credit towards work in future.
  • Projects that are abandoned or lay dormant for more than 30 days are not eligible for refunds on deposits or payments for projects.
  • 99Servicez has the right to make changes to payment terms at any stage if necessary during the project. Please read and review our terms and conditions carefully.
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