What is this Service about?

Infographics are an aesthetically persuasive communication medium that can converse complex data in an aesthetic format that is possibly viral. They take profound data and present it in an artistic shorthand.
Infographics automatically provides the story-plot of 'Your Brand' through our infographics design services
This service includes:
designing out of the box charts, creative themes, and animated characters to take your business objectives to scale new heights.

What is the benefit of this service to your brand or organization?

Help You INTERACT WITH Your Audience infographics are a great and participating medium that can make a unique reference to people to your site or a spot that has included your infographic.
Being that they are targeted at educating, not reselling, infographics also help create a feeling of connection that may likely pay back later.

Infographics Improves SEO
A well-designed and visually satisfying infographic will drive visitors to your site, being that they are much more likely to "share" and "click" onto it. Infographics are also much more likely to get links from other sites when people reveal your infographic. Both more traffic and increased backlinks are excellent for SEO.

Increase Brand Recognition & Reach
Infographics may be used to strengthen your brand since they are so aesthetically appealing. If you design an infographic with steady colors, figures, and messages, together with your logo, you should have an efficient method of "Brand Awareness."
Plus, given that they get shared a lot, you are increasing the reach of your brand within an incredibly natural way.

They will Get Distributed More

Infographics are really shareable for use around the net. For instance, an infographic shared on the WordPress blog or website usually has an embed code.
This code allows a programmed link from the initial site to yours. Also, they are easily distributed on internet sites and have an improved potential for becoming viral in comparison to ordinary text.

They tend to be Eye-Catching

Infographics are definitely more eye-catching than printed out words, given that they incorporate images, colors, activity, and content that by natural means draw the attention. Since almost all of us have significantly shorter attention spans, we tend to "scan" material instead of reading a text message. Infographics enable us to scan and get the info we’re mostly thinking about.

Sample of our works


  • Data Storage

    Top Notch Quality

  • MySQL Databases

    Source File - Yes

  • Daily Backup

    Commercial License - Yes

  • Free Domains

    Data Points - 40

  • Online Support

    Revisions - Unlimited

  • TAT - 5 days

  • Extensive Research - Yes

  • Infographics Sites Submissions - Yes



1Will you be conducting the research?
Yes, we will
2Will you be using my colour preferences?
Absolutely Yes. Share your colour preferences, brand details, website url, logo preferences in font and anything related for design your infographics.
3What information do you need from me?
Please submit any information that you want to let us know in a text/pdf/word format.
4How does revisions work?
Unlimited revision policy is there. But please be informed that the unlimited revisions policy is for the draft we provide with the data we research and the information from your side. You can ask for unlimited revisions until both the parties confirm the final draft. Once final draft is confirmed there wouldn't be any other revisions. If you need any more revisions even then, there will be separate rates for us according to the scope of work.


1What is your TAT? (Turn around time)
10 days.
2Who owns the rights to the infographics?
Absolutely you will be owner.
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