Set up IPTV in Roku

IPTV Smarters channel

  1. Ensure connecting your TV and your Roku device together.
  2. Navigate through the Roku Channels store.
  3. Look for IPTV Smarters Channel and download it.
  4. Open the IPTV Smarters Channel.
  5. It will ask you to add your username, password and Portal URL (These info are provided to you when you purchase IPTV).
  6. After inserting the required information click on add user.
  7. Your Favorite TV Channels and Video On Demand will load and you can start watching.

M3u Playlist Player Channel

  1. Ensure that your Roku device is connected to your TV.
  2. Use your Roku remote control and navigate through the Roku Channels store.
  3. Search for M3u Playlist Player Channel and download it.
  4. Launch the M3u Playlist Channel.
  5. Click on Add new playlist.
  6. Insert your IPTV m 3u link and any playlist name (make sure to buy premium IPTV).
  7. It might take a few minutes for your playlist Live TV Channels, Movies and TV Shows to load.
  8. After loading turn off your Roku device and turn it back on again.
  9. Reopen the M3u Playlist Player Channel again.
  10. choose the IPTV playlist that you created before.
  11. Now you can Find and watch your favorite Live TV Channels and VOD.